Original Nursing Pillow


£20.00 GBP

What you need to know:

  • Supports the baby correctly during feeding time
  • Can be used all the way from the very early stages of pregnancy right through to the crawling period
  • Eases the back pressure during the latter stages of pregancy
  • Relieves pressure on your arms while feeding
pillowcase available in 7 colours

Babysoft Outer Fabric

Stretchy, Flexible & Exquisitely Soft

This fabric is exquisitely soft and snugly for the ultimate comfort for you and your baby. It comes in 7 colours including Sky Blue, Black, Cream, Chocolate, Coffee, Pink and Purple.

babysoft outer case
lavender coated pillow

Lavender Inner Fabric

Coated with the Aroma of Lavender

New and absolutely exclusive to us, a fabric which has the lovely, soft and relaxing aroma of lavender. We promise, smelling is believing!

Sensifil Filling

Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Asthmatic and Safe from Harmful Chemicals

Highly durable and resilient, Sensifil™ is free from any allergy causing substance and is approved as asthma & allergy friendly™ by certification body Allergy Standards.

Anti-Allergenic filling

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